Plan With Me 2/6-2/12

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic week last week and you are enjoying your Super Bowl Sunday! At some point today I really need to run to the grocery store and get some keto-friendly snacks for the game. Eek.

So today I wanted to share my plan w/ me! I am a little camera shy and I don’t really like the sound of my voice so I figured blogging it may be an easier way till I can get over the shyness. For this week, I did an all cardstock kit with some stickers I made and some from the Watercolor MAMBI sticker book. I used a pen I got off of Amazon, I’ll link it below. I have HORRIBLE handwriting so I apologize in advance. Also next week is kinda boring so I only wrote out what I know for sure needs to get done and what plans we have, who knows what may change.


Here is the before the pen look! Everything except the big roll of glitter washi and the two stickers on the bottom came from Hobby Lobby. The gold washi was from Target dollar spot and the floral stickers came from Michaels.

I am ready to go! Got Prettynflawed on YouTube, I love watching her Dollar Tree hauls, my beautiful Happy Planner, my cup of pens, and a few functional stickers I made in Silhouette Studio.

So it’s looking a bit rough! As you can see , I removed the sticker from Monday and added a pretty gold foiled one. The pen ink smeared when I flipped it over.  I am not so sure how I am feeling about the pens. I have a couple of birthdays this week, my two nieces! I swear everyone has a birthday in February! I have two more next week too! Only Monday’s we typically go grocery shopping so I need come up with a meal plan either tonight or tomorrow before we go. Monday is weigh in day 😦 blah, I swear I’m not gaining or losing. I also need to pay the HOA for the month, I should of done it this weekend but I am LAZY. Tuesday, I have a blog post about my Etsy shop and I’m including a free printable with that post. Trash day is Wednesday and my oldest nieces birthday. We also have our weekly huddle but I don’t usually go into work for it, I just get quick overview from the coworkers. Thursday is nothing special, I have scheduled some “me time.”

So now we move onto Friday and the weekend! Friday the kitty litter needs to be changed! Both boxes! Then on Saturday and/or Sunday my husband and I are having a cheat meal for his birthday. We decided on Five Guys since I didn’t get my burger while we were in Kansas. Bummer. Then our coworkers are coming over for a movie night! We do this a couple times a month, so I need to clean the downstairs, get snacks, and get some beer. We’re going to be watching Aliens and Guardians of The Galaxy!  Then there’s some more “me time,” probably take a bath or work on some kits. I like to start my laundry on Sundays so we have fresh scrubs and clothes to start out the week.

So that’s pretty much it! Super boring!


Pens here:

Tanmit Ultra Fine Point Color Gel Pens with Diamond Tip for Adult Coloring Books Drawing-No Smear Non Bleed Quick Dry Japan Cute Style Markers-18 Assorted Colors Set with Case on Sale

And if you wanna check out Prettynflawed’s YouTube channel, here’s the link: Prettynflawed


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