DIY : Flower Jars

Hey Everyone,

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! This post is going up a bit late, Friday we went to see John Wick Chapter 2 for my husbands birthday. I had to get up at noon and since I work overnight and I didn’t get to sleep till almost 7am, it made for a rough day.

Today I wanted to show a cute and simple way to re-purpose Bath and Body Works 3 wick candles! If you’re anything like me, you have a whole slew of those candles! We recently moved into a new house and I didn’t realize how many candles I had! I guess I burn them till there’s barely any wax and just set them aside to be thrown away but instead they just get stashed away. One day I was watching YouTube and I came across Cheapcraftygirl, she was doing a haul from Dollar Tree. In the spot where she does her hauls, she has a cute little vase with some flowers in it. I always meant to ask where she got it because I needed something cute like that for my desk. Before I got around to asking, I saw another video of someone using B&BW candle jars and making vases out of them. My wheels went to turning and I knew I had at least 3 jars that were low on wax and ready to be thrown out. I gathered my jars and stuck them in the freezer, I find this method of removing the way easier than pouring it out after being on a burner. I then set forth to gather the rest of my supplies.

For this project I used:

  • 3 empty, cleaned out B&BW 3 wick candle jars
  • Gold metallic spray paint from Ace Hardware (you can use any color)
  • Flower foam from Walmart and Dollar Tree
  • 8 bunches of peonies (you can use any flower you’d like)
  • I also used floral wire, wire cutters, and a hot glue gun.


I had to wait for a nice day to spray paint and on Thursday I got lucky! I think it was nearly 70 degrees in Denver. I wish I could of recorded the process but its hard to spray and hold a camera in the other hand. Anyways, when you’re spray painting make sure you hit your item at all angles. Then don’t do what I did and impatiently pick them up and smudge your prints all over the jar. From there, after they were dry I brought them in the house to add the flowers. I took two bundles of the peonies and I trimmed the flowers down to the height I liked, then I wired them together to make a bouquet. After wrapping them, I realized I didn’t have large floral foam! I had a face palm moment and just improvised after that. I took smaller foam and cut it down, then shoved the ends of the flowers into it, arranged the flowers how I wanted them, and lastly I hot glued the foam to the bottom of the jar. I have to say I was quite pleased with the outcome!


Things I would do over if I could:

  • BIGGER floral foam and randomly arranging them instead of making a bouquet.

Now I just need to find spots for them! Fake flowers are a great addition to our home decor, we have cats so they looove to eat flowers! I am surprised my cactus is still alive because I’ve caught my husbands cat nibbling on it a few times.

Till next time!



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