The joys of home ownership 

Hello everyone! 
I feel like I’ve been MIA from most of my social media this last week. About a week and a half ago our kitchen sink started to drain super slow. My dear husband did all he could do to get it to drain properly. On Saturday night, after running the dishwasher and such, the sink backed up again. We called a plumber and they said they couldn’t be out till Tuesday, which at first was fine. Well, we decided to plunge the sink again just to get it cleared out. After that, my husband heard a trickling noise from inside the left cabinet. I was in the middle of cooking supper so he ran downstairs to check it out. Needless to say what came next was a bit of a surprise. We had a water leak. Our ceiling had quite a lot of damage to it. The walls were wet and the carpet was pretty damp. 

We went back upstairs and my husband called the plumber again and unfortunately they still couldn’t send anyone out till Tuesday so we had to find a new plumber. After dinner, Aaron found one and gave them a call. They were able to come out Sunday morning and fix it. So on Sunday, because my husband had to work I had to sit with the plumber and send off updates. 

The plumber was at our house till about 2pm and everything was fixed and taken care of. Then, this last Monday, these guys show up at our house that were sent by the insurance company. They came in and assessed the water damage and set up a fan to dry it out. They came over EVERY SINGLE DAY to check it out. I was slightly annoyed by it because I had to be up before 3pm to make sure the dog was out. I lost out on some sleep because I was so stressed out that it took a while to unwind after work. 

On Wednesday, I slept like crap and that’s because the asbestos guy was supposed to come out and take samples. I kept waking up every hour to check the time. He came a little after 3pm followed by the other guys. On Friday, we found out we have asbestos in our basement. Yay! They came and set up a negative pressure space for a team that comes in Monday the 13th to clear it out. 

So yeah.

I fell behind on filming, editing, and instagram tags this last week. I literally slept, ate, and went to work the last week. I am so ready for this whole process to be over with. I’m tired of random people trecking through my house. I’m tired of my animals being stressed out because of strangers. I’m just tired and over it all.

Hopefully it’ll all be over soon.



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